Confirmation Year 1

Step 2: Choosing a sponsor

Part of preparation for Confirmation is selecting a sponsor.

PART 1: Selecting a Sponsor
Your sponsor should be a practicing Catholic. Think of people you know who fully live out their Catholic faith, who will model the roles of priest, prophet, and king and inspire you with ways to practice these roles too. Don’t forget to consider your baptismal godparents! Because of the connection between Baptism and Confirmation, a godparent often makes a good Confirmation sponsor. Consider discussing your choice with your parents. They can help you decide who to ask. You might feel a little nervous when you are ready to ask someone to be your Confirmation sponsor. Remember that this person will most likely feel flattered and honored to be asked.

The Church requires that a Confirmation sponsor be at least 16 years of age, be fully initiated (someone who has received the Sacraments of Christian Initiation), and be a practicingCatholic. Parents cannot be sponsors.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who do you respect and trust?
  • Who do you think could help you as you prepare for Confirmation?
  • Who do you think could help you as you continue to grow as a Catholic after your Confirmation?

Part 2: 
Your Sponsor needs to fill out this form by Sunday, Oct. 31.  Please scroll down to see all the questions, then hit the purple SUBMIT button.  Thank you.

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