Joining the Parish

Welcome to St. Therese of Lisieux Catholic Community! As Catholics we are all called by Jesus to build up His Church and continue His work. Becoming a part of this parish is more than just filling out some forms; it is a commitment to be an active part of this faith-filled community.

St. Therese of Lisieux Catholic Community is proud of its history of encouraging our parishioners to be good Christian Stewards.  As stewards, we view our personal resources of time, talent and treasure as gifts from God. In fact, all that we have are given to us by God and we must nurture these gifts and use them wisely. Our parish community helps us to share our gifts through the work and mission of the Church.  

As you read through this information realize that commitments of Time, Talent and Treasure require prayerful reflection; please do not make these commitments in haste. Please review all information carefully, complete the necessary forms thoughtfully and thoroughly, and return them to the parish office when you are ready.

We ask you to return the commitment forms to the office (please do not email or fax them) so we can meet you and give you a tour of our facilities, answer any additional questions, or help you with any further needs you may have. We are a large parish community, but we strive to be a warm and welcoming community as well!

A complete parish registration includes all three of the following forms:

 1 is your Household Information Form; this form gives us information about you and your family that helps us to keep in touch with you, as well as your sacramental records.  

2 is your Called to Serve Form; this form lets us know if and how you would like to share your time and talents in the various ministries we provide.  

3 is your Parish Support Form; this form gives us an idea as to how you will assist in the financial support of our parish and the work of the universal Church.

If you have any questions before completing the requested information, please call the parish office (586) 254-4433, or email us at  We look forward to meeting you and having you become an active member of our faith community!

Msgr. John Kasza and the Parish Staff

Please download all forms below, fill out, and return to the Parish Office.