Musings and Messages: September 24, 2023

Let’s just say, the UAW would not appreciate the landowner’s approach to compensation. But that is not the point of the parable. The overarching reality is God’s infinite generosity and love. God freely gives to those whom He loves. And, as the first reading says, God’s ways are not our ways, nor are His thoughts our thoughts. God looks at life from a different perspective.

This week’s readings invite us to do the same. We tend to look at the world (and the Church) through human and secular lenses. We see life in terms of a balance sheet, and, sometimes, we place a dollar amount on life itself. But God sees life another way.

God looks at the world and people to see their inner beauty and perspectives. Value is not placed on what they can do or produce; rather, value is inherent in who or what they are. A flower has value because it is a flower. A cow has value because it is a cow, not because it can provide milk or beef. As humans, we sometimes equate a person’s value by what they can do for us: What can that person make? or How can that person entertain or play sports?

God sees the inner soul of a person and places value on him or her because he or she is a child of God. In your reflection this week, ask yourself if you truly try to look beyond a person’s gifts and talents to see their inner beauty as a child of God.

Msgr. John

Msgr. Kasza giving a Homily