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Musings and Messages January 29, 2023

The second reading piqued my interest because in it Paul challenges us to be foolish. Or in other words, to be fools for Christ. The world likes to make us out to be weird or crazy. They laugh at us because of our positions and fidelity to God’s Word. Yet who are the real fools?

The world chases after tangible things which can be stolen or destroyed. Look at the financial crisis caused by crypto-currency and the roller coaster stock market. People store up gold and silver which they cannot eat and seek after luxurious homes and automobiles which fail to satisfy.

There is nothing wrong with acquiring things; however, do we use the things, or do they use us?

The Beatitudes remind us of what truly gives us comfort: relationship with God and developing healthy relationship with those we love. We can certainly live “comfortably,” but are we so obsessed with getting “things” that we fail to create a relationship with God that will give us satisfaction and peace?

The world tells us that “in this world, one thing counts, in the bank, large amounts” (to quote the musical Oliver!). And you are a fool if you don’t do that.

But God tells us to focus on righteousness, sanctification, and redemption by boasting in the Lord.

This week reflect on the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-12) and challenge yourself to be a fool for Christ.

Have a great week,
Msgr. John