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Attitude: Is There Room for Change?

He created us. He gave us life. He gave us Salvation…

He also gave us free will so we could make our own decisions. Those decisions greatly influence our attitude. Attitude effects our performance, good or bad. We are in control of our attitude, as well as how we react to situations.
If we concentrate on forming good thoughts, there will be less room for unpleasant thoughts.

Perhaps it’s time to ask ourselves:

  • What do I like best about myself?
  • What do I like least about myself?

God loves us and wants us to love ourselves.

Perhaps, it’s time to ask ourselves; What can I do to improve any negative feelings I have about myself, and in turn improve my attitude?

We are all a work in progress and He enjoys watching us grow. Evangelization involves passing on the love of Christ. This can only be done with a good attitude, and an inviting and accepting nature.