Knights of Columbus

For the Good of the Order

Please keep in prayer those members of our council, and their family, listed below who are suffering physically, spiritually and mentally. Prayer is an important part of our life and it is important to be mindful that everyone needs prayer, daily, to be sustained in their needs. 

We must also remember our council members who have passed and pray that they may enjoy eternal life with our Lord.


Edward Bieber (Brother of Paul)
Blaisdell, Jim Sr.
Shirley Conniff (Wife of Larry)
Mary Guzzardo (Wife of Sam)
Paul Hill
John Kotter
Richard Marino
Mary Lou Montpas (Wife of Kevin)
Bonnie Oleszkowicz (Wife of Stanley)
Jeff Pelc
Patricia Sandstrom (wife of Deacon Don)
Doris Snodgrass (wife of James)
James Stone
Tara Stover (Daughter of Joe Hayes)
Richard Van Slembrouck (Father of Tom)
Jess Weaver


Robert Miller                               Dec. 25, 2021
Cheryl Corsi                                  Jan. 2022          (Wife of Keith)
Joe Clark                                       Feb. 16, 2022     
William Kropp                             Mar. 31, 2022   (Brother of George) 
Frank Rossio                                Jul. 16, 2022 
Deacon Jerome Campernel       Aug. 8, 2022 
Paul Henig                                    Oct. 10, 2022

Note: Deceased members will be kept on the list for one year. Please notify Paul Bieber ( of anyone you would like to have added to the prayer list.