Confirmation Year 1

Step 5: Sponsor & Candidate Activity

Step #1 (Sponsor Portion): Each sponsor is asked to write a letter to the Confirmation candidate that gives them some helpful advice or suggestions about choosing & staying on the “right path” as they enter their teen years.

Please include some guidance on how God can be relied on in these often difficult times. How has faith played a role in your own life in making decisions or dealing with life’s challenges?

Step #2 (Confirmation Candidate Portion): Candidates upon receiving a letter from his/her sponsor should make a small poster or collage on a piece of 8.5 X 11 card stock.

This poster should reflect the advice that the sponsor gave to you in the letter that they wrote to you. This should be done using words and pictures. The pictures may be hand drawn or cut from magazines.

This exercise is intended only to get you to truly think about the advice that your sponsor gave to you. By attempting to use art or words to reflect the advice, it may help you to remember it and take the advice to heart.

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