Spotlight Ministry on Children’s Choir

If you are looking for a way to engage your music-loving children in a youth activity, check out the Youth Choir!

Here’s how one mother describes her family’s experience:

“We started with the children’s choir when my oldest daughter was in second grade. She loved to sing, and this was a perfect opportunity to get her involved in choir and in church. Because my four-year-old daughter Cayleigh was always with me, she started learning the songs right alongside the others. Rebecca had me sit with her in choir and sing the words in her ear. Both girls have been involved for the last seven years. Cayleigh describes the choir as interesting, unique, and fun! It has brought joy to my heart to watch them grow in the church and enjoy singing with the choir praising God. We are incredibly thankful that God brought this special ministry into our lives and that, through the choir, we have gained forever friends who are more like family. We are truly blessed to have the wonderfully talented Rebecca leading our choirs.”

The Youth Choir always welcomes new members, but it is especially true at this time of year. The Youth Choir accepts as many children five years and older who would like to sing. Choir practice is Wednesdays from 5:30 to 6 PM, and they usually sing every other week for the 9:45 AM Mass. Rebecca is happy to answer any questions via email at