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Resolution to Make a Change

There have been a number of apparitions through the years.  One of the most well known is Our Lady of Fatima.  She made an urgent plea for mankind to reform and pray her rosary.  However, Our Lady’s pleas have not been heeded.  In the last century, we have seen the loss of our beautiful Christian faith and the breakdown of marriage and family.  This affects all of us.  As a result, we have seen anxiety and depression rise to epidemic levels.

It is up to all of us to do something about this.  We can be the beginning of change if we do our part.  We can start by saying the rosary and ask our Blessed Mother to intercede with her son, Jesus.  He died for us and saved us so that we could make a difference in this world.  Put your heart into your faith and pass your gifts and good deeds to all who you encounter.  Saint Mother Theresa has told us that whomever you encounter should be enlightened by your words, your smile, your love and care.

Together, we can make a difference.