Guidance on Growing as a Catholic Family

Are you looking for guidance on how to grow in your faith as a family and instill in your children good Catholic values? Look no further than the booklets in the kiosk in the back of the Gathering Space. This set of booklets, produced by the Catholic Information Service and provided by the Knights of Columbus, is called “Building the Domestic Church.” Each family in the parish is a “Domestic Church”-a community of prayer where parents and children pray with and for each other. The family is the first place we learn the faith itself and about virtue and charity, first in our relationships with one another, and then as our family engages the world.

This set of booklets covers many subjects and provides guidance on building your domestic church. A sample of the titles available are “Lord, Teach Us to Pray” by Fr. Peter John Cameron, O.P., “The Family in the Modern World” by St. John Paul II, “The Gift of Fatherhood” by Fr. Carter H. Griffin, and “God’s Plan for Love and Marriage” by Dr. Edward Sri. There is no cost for these books. Please look them over, select the ones you would like to read, take them home, and learn by their guidance.