Eucharistic Miracles

There are 107 Eucharistic Miracles approved for veneration by the Catholic Church. Over the next few weeks we will present the story of a few of them sourced from Eucharistic Miracles: God Under the Microscope – Editorial Staff at (4/19/2024)

A priest in Lanciano, Italy in the 8th century was tempted to doubt the Real Prescence of Jesus during the consecration. He was startled to see the host change into flesh and the wine change into blood. In the following centuries many scientific studies have been done on them and, most amazingly of all, they are still visibly preserved to this day. The studies done in 1970 and repeated in 1982 confirmed that:
* The Flesh is real human flesh and the Blood is real human blood.
* The Flesh is composed of cardiac muscle tissue with no evidence that there are any preservative agents.
*Both the Flesh and the Blood are AB which match the blood on the Shroud of Turin.
* The presence of proteins and minerals in the blood are similar to those in fresh blood.