Eucharistic Miracles

There are 107 Eucharistic Miracles approved for veneration by the Catholic Church. We continue the story of a few of them sourced from Eucharistic Miracles: God Under the Microscope – Editorial Staff at

A miracle occurred at St Anthony of Padua Church in Sokolka, Poland on Oct 12, 2008. A consecrated host fell on the floor and, following church approved protocol, was placed in water for proper disposal. One week later the sacristan found a red substance with the host still in the water. In January, 2009, two highly respected pathologists examined the tissue and one did not know where it came from. Both pathologists concluded that it was tissue from heart muscle after inspecting it with light and electron microscopy. Two other things astounded them. First the host, made from flour and water should have decomposed in the water within days and did not. Second, the bread and the cardiac tissue were intricately interwoven in a way that is humanly impossible to accomplish.